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Connecting People is a New Trend





Outsource has become very popular among many people. The demand for freelance services also increases. As a result, many businesses focus on the development of marketplaces, where clients may find a person to help with a small specific task or with the big project.

This type of relationships may have various goals and might be based on many factors, depending on the type of the offered services and basing on the corresponding demand. Our main task in this type of business is to ensure the efficiency of communication between all parties, and that is why we offer a set of solutions that mainly include the following:

  • High level of automatization.
  • Comfortable working conditions.
  • High level of security.


  • Website :writer4paper.com
  • Category :Freelance
  • Technology :Larave, Vue, Docker
  • Development :1 year

High level of automatization.

Manual processing of any task requires a lot of time and effort. From our side, we do our best to implement the newest technologies that allow reducing the number of manual actions that concern the working process of a marketplace. Such issues are especially crucial for administrative and financial operations. The main goal of automatization is the reduction of the possibility to make a mistake since routine tasks are very sensitive to unintentional errors.

Comfortable working conditions.

Even though it might be clear what type of relationships unite freelancer and client, every marketplace has its own specificity, which is defined by the business owners and type of job that is performed. However, comfortable working conditions should be present for freelancers and website employees. It mainly concerns efficient automatization of processes, but the logic of processing should be based on the expectations and ideas of the website management. From our side, we offer the best solutions according to the requirements that are presented by business owners and our goal is to make all processes as smooth as possible to ensure the establishment of comfortable conditions for all parties involved in the process.

High level of security.

Marketplaces deal with personal information and partially with financial information. Even though usually such websites do not have access to full financial information of clients and freelancers, they have to maintain the highest level of security to ensure the absence of any data leaks. Out team pays specific attention to the problems of the data breach and information security. All systems that have been developed by our company implemented the highest standards of cyber security since the protection of personal information is very important, especially nowadays, when almost all information gradually becomes digitalized.

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