Mom and Dad, I am a Freelancer

When people talk about freelance job it is no longer weird. More and more people decide to work on their own instead of having to work for the specific company on a certain position. But it is difficult to evaluate whether this decision is beneficial in terms of the work and pay ratio. This time we would like to focus on the pros and cons of being a freelancer.

The first and the most widespread reason to become a freelancer is schedule flexibility: you are the one to choose your schedule. However, the dark side of the moon is the amount of work and the number of hours that you have to spend: freelancers work no less than people who have full-time job, their main benefit is their own time management since they are free to choose their working and nonworking time. Despite all that, we believe that having your own schedule is much better than a necessity to stick to someone’s schedule since your productive hours might not comply with the maximum efficiency periods of other people.

Next, you get to be your own boss. Basically, you may decide what to do and what not to do, set up your workload and rates. But all this responsibility calls for problems that are connected with being a boss. Freelancers have to search for their contractors themselves and negotiations require a lot of time and efforts. Freelancers have to prove their name on the market and to “fight” for orders and they have to be responsible for their own financing and taxes. Despite all these hardships, being your own boss is always nicer since this way your work becomes senseful and beneficial, especially for you.

Freelancers earn as much as they can. We believe this is a significant motivation factor to improve quality and speed of work, which means to increase personal efficiency. Freelancers have to work wisely since spending more time working does not necessarily mean earning more. In other words, being a freelancer means to have unlimited working potential which motivates to grow in many areas, not only in professional one. It might be difficult from the very beginning but understanding that your rate can be increased and you are the only one to decide that plays as a strong motivation factor for growth.

Finally, you may work for passion. Every person has something that he or she is really fond of and being a freelancer is a possibility to do what really strikes you. You may love video rendering and get jobs to render videos; or you may love creative writing and create content for blogs that describe your favourite things, flowers or cars. This is not only a freedom of time, this is a real freedom of choice and the only thing that you really have to understand on this stage is what you really like and what you are really passionate about. It might be hard, but when you find it, you will definitely understand that.