About Us.

Devoltex is an Estonian-based IT company. We work with different companies from all over the world. Our key activities are software development, website support, and marketing analysis. We are capable of providing a full range of activities that are directed towards the constant support of websites that are dedicated to a variety of activities.

Our young and creative team learns fast, and it allows us to handle the most complicated tasks. We work with great enthusiasm and always utilize an innovative approach to solving problems that we meet. We face challenges with pleasure and still come up with the solutions that implement the newest technology. Our main goal is to increase the efficiency of the product despite the complexity of the task.

Industries we work in

What kind of web application we develop?


CRM Systems

Every good-working business needs to have, develop, and maintain excellent communication with the clients since they are the primary units of any efficient business system. Our company implements only the most recent technologies and only the most efficient practices of CRM to ensure the highest productivity.

We help to treat clients more than well, and when customers become loyal for a significantly long time, it means that the company moves in the right direction.

C2C Freelance Applications

Today the number of working freelancers keeps growing, and they are capable of providing a whole range of services. But how efficient they are? Can they be trusted?

We help to develop a good connection between clients and freelancers that will make customers happy, and freelancers will be satisfied with working conditions and environment.


Listing and Directory

A constant increase of information often becomes stressful for many people, especially when it concerns the choice of products or services. Since it became a problem of nowadays, we focused on the development of listing and directory websites that allow obtaining information of any kind from various sources. We help to combine the information in one place for the comfort of users.

Our Principles

We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make our expertise available for the benefit of the societi where we operate.

Professionalism. It is valued at most since top quality work may be performed only if it is handled by professionals.

Honesty. Honest relations is our top principle since only this way it is possible to establish and maintain efficient communication.

Creativity. The creative approach allows to find better solutions to standard and non-standard problems.

Responsibility. We take our social responsibility seriously. Our business should always benefit society as a whole.