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Effective Search is Our Future





Ability to process a lot of information within a short period of time is rather crucial for people, who are forced to follow the increased pace of life that is very common for millions nowadays. Day-to-day choices and the variety of products and services that are offered but many businesses place a burned on regular consumers.

Our goal here is to make the process of searching as efficient as possible. We create listing and directory websites that gather information regarding the product or service of interest in one place only. To perform that, we take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Easiness of navigation.
  • Big number of search filters.
  • Valid and recent data.


  • Website :vstup.com.ua
  • Category :Listing
  • Technology :Larave, Vue, Docker
  • Development :5 months

Easiness of navigation.

Any listing or directory website should not confuse the user. It has to be intuitively clear and should not cause any problems in selecting the product of the type of service to search. This aspect is interconnected with automatic processes since website might offer the user to search for specific things in cases he or she has doubts regarding the product or service itself.

Big number of search filters.

Considering the demands of the clients and the availability of products and services on the market, any listing or directory website has to offer a significantly large number of filters that should help the user to make proper selection. In addition, they have to be customized according to the product or service that is chosen by the client. Only this way it is possible to select out of thousands of alternatives and to be satisfied with the choice, which is the main goal of any listing or directory website.

Valid and recent data.

The speed of the information growth impacts the speed of its obsolescence. Any information may become outdated in hours or even minutes. That is why it is critical to obtain information only from valid and recently updated sources. We select only those sources that follow these criteria. Users can be sure that any information that is listed on our listing websites is always up-to-date and user’s choice will be based only on the most recent updates that concern chosen product or service.

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